About Us

Since 1983, MarNew Construction, formerly known as Getem Construction, has been serving Regina residents for over 30 years. Mark Gettle, the current President renamed the company to MarNew Construction Ltd. in 2000.

Throughout the years, we have been building residential and commercial infrastructure, helping people fixing problems with their properties, and making our customers’ life just a little bit better.

Our work includes concrete (foundation and flat), framing (steel and wood), building envelop (insulation, vapour barrier), new home construction, dry wall, painting, roofing, and flooring. We can tailor our work to suit the needs of individual families as well as commercial businesses.

Currently, Mark’s two sons, Marques and Nathan operate the company on a daily basis. Marques is the foreman (inter-provincial Journeyman Carpenter) and Nathan is the administrator (BA in Economics combined with Business, University of Regina).

“Build, Resolve, Improve” is our slogan.  Providing professional, high quality, and clean workmanship for our customers is our goal.


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